in 2014 I wanted to have a good grounding in photography so I started a degree course with the Open College of Art (OCA).  They had a comprehensive module called ‘The Art of Photography’  which covered all aspects of photography, such as composition, design elements, use of light and narrative.

The subject of the final assignment of the course was ‘Narrative and Illustration’. what follows below is what I submitted for that assignment.

View from a house

This is Alan, he lives in the last house at the end of a pleasantly named Cul de Sac in Orpington, Kent. The name of which evokes a rural picturesque vista.

The house

A quality house with a lovely landscaped garden. A house that’s attractively furnished both inside and out.

The view

The aspect looking out from the house to the garden – ‘House with a view’.

It’s a 15,000 tonne mountain of decaying refuse, which has accumulated as a result of an ongoing legal dispute with the site’s owners and the local council.

Apart from the obvious health hazards of living within yards of

a steaming pile of detritus such as vermin and the smell.  It also spontaneously combusts at least once a month for the last three years, due to the heat generated by bacterial action, which also causes toxic gases to be emitted.

The other view

Spontaneous combustion caused by bacterial reaction means that the fire brigade are regular visitors.

Fortunately there is support from large protest groups such as Friends of the Earth.

March 2017 – Update

After roughly 6 years the dispute with council was finally resolved and they agreed to finally clear the refuse mountain.

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